The 21st century is the era of the digital image, and representations of the body are no exception. The medical body has become an object to be scanned, read, and reinterpreted as an image abstracted by the digital language.  As a student of both Fine Art and Biology, I am continually interested in the ways in which the human subject is contextualized within medical imagery, and how we as individuals position ourselves in relation to these representations.
In a multimedia installation the body of study becomes deconstructed and transformed through the use of tactile materials.  By transforming the digital into a material form, my work reinvests the objective body with the subjectivity of the handmade. The result is an installation that simultaneously challenges the accepted notions of the medical body, and requires the viewer to reposition himself in relation to the anatomical form.

Knitted Anatomy

Jillian MacLachlan

Painter & Textile Artist´╗┐